Error Condition Power
Error LED
BEEPS Possible Solution
Paper Feed/Delivery Steady 2 Remove any paper jammed
BC-60 Out of Ink Steady 3 Replace BCI-60
BC-61 or BC-62e Out of ink Steady 4 Replace BCI-61 or BCI-62
Cartridge Error Steady 5 BC-60 Cartridge must be in the left holder and BC-61/62e must be in right holder.
Remove the BJ Cartridge, check that the contacts are clean and the white tape was removed.
Try a new BJ Cartridge (not the BCI ink cartridge).
Waste Full warning Steady 6 Waste is almost full, needs service very soon
BJ Cartridge has overheated Steady 7 Let the printer cool down for 15 minutes, then press RESUME to restart the printing.
Service Errors BLINKS 8 Requires service

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